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Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling in California


This service offers you a program which over the course of 4 weeks transforms your current lifestyle habits and behaviors that may be causing dis-ease, into new ones that promote optimum health. There is a strong accountability component; you will be asked to keep food logs, exercise regularly, and be willing to put forth the effort to bring about positive changes.  This program Includes: Initial assessment and three follow-up sessions to add the accountability to ensure lasting lifestyle changes.



  • Initial 90-minute assessment to review medical history and blood work, current food intake, supplement use, exercise habits and lifestyle patterns.

  • Two one-hour follow-up sessions personally tailored to meet your healthy nutrition lifestyle needs (meal planning, grocery shopping, family meals, dining out).

  • Access to an app where you take pictures of your food that is synced to Sharon's computer for easy review.


Pricing:  $300 ($50 savings)

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