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Nutrition for Healthy Aging: How we eat and move as we age can have a profound impact on the quality of our later years.  In this talk, learn about key nutrition and exercise tips including practical guidelines to incorporate these tips into your daily life.  


Busting Nutrition Myths: Eat this!  Not that!  I’ve heard that…  All common phrases that can make understanding what to eat very confusing!  Learn about common myths (some you won’t believe are myths!) followed by what is really true.  You won’t be confused again!


Top 10 Tips for Healthy Eating: This talk will give you the clear message of foods that should be included in your diet to help sustain optimal health.  Practical guidelines for incorporating these foods in your diet will also be presented. 

Or create your own! 



  • Healthy Grocery Shopping/Meal Planning

  • Nutrition for Peak Performance

  • Eating for Diabetes/Kidney Disease/Cardiovascular Disease

  • Stress and Eating

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