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California’s Best Nutrition Counselor



Are you any of these people?  

  • Are you working long hours, constantly checking your phone for the next demand?

  • A mom going in many directions at once, shuttling children to school and soccer practice THEN having to plan a healthy dinner?

  • Live alone and prefer to dine out rather than prepare your meals?

  • Getting older and noticing a steady weight gain despite no changes in what you eat?

  • Feel like your stomach and intestines are grumbling about everything you eat, making it difficult to function let alone have a social life?


The common denominator of these scenarios are lifestyles that makes eating for health a challenge.  Changing may feel monumental, yet with proper guidance is totally achievable.  


During our time together we will review your specific challenges, come up with creative yet doable solutions, then put them to practice.  We will stay in touch with an app where you can take pictures of your food, that is synched to my computer for immediate feedback.  If needed we will build your support team, including top-notch personal trainers, cooks, mother’s helpers, doctors, and behavioral therapists; whoever is needed to help you achieve your goals.

"Sharon saved my life.  I went through two pregnancies with gestational diabetes knowing it could return later in life.  I found out in 2009, that I was close to becoming a diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I worked constantly and never exercised, and I love food. With a life saving healthy eating plan, and a change in my lifestyle, which includes exercising at least 5 times a week, I managed to shed a lot of weight and tone my body. 


Within less than a year, I took my blood sugar levels, blood pressure and high cholesterol levels down.  Although I have my ups and downs, Sharon has been there for me every inch of the way encouraging me on.  I have reduced my wardrobe from size 3X down to size 16. I am still inspired by her to continue my healthy eating plan and keep exercise as a number one priority in my life. Although I am the only one that can make my goal a reality, I could not have done it without Sharon’s encouragement.   Thank you Sharon with all my heart."


Cyndi M., Ukiah, CA

"A1c 13.9...sugar almost 800...kidneys shutting down...pancreas not processing...then I met Sharon Stewart. Through her knowledge, guidance and understanding, 4 years later my A1c is 5.7 and my sugar averages around 100. By Sharon’s strong hand I have my diabetes under control. Anyone with dietary requirements I strongly recommend you see Sharon. I did and with a multifaceted approach I am healthy today. Believe in her, work hard and anything can be possible!!"



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